Wednesday, July 14, 2010

getting it together

Hello all,
I hope that everyone is having a great week! Decided to re-organize all of my paper crafting supplies and in the process started to unmount stamps and remount them on EZ Mount so that I can use them on my acrylic block. Who knew that I had so many stamps :) I have to tell you that it is saving a TON of space. I am really glad that I am doing it. Unfortunately, things are a little here and a little there right now. Hope to have it all together soon and get crafting again.

See you again soon!


  1. Doesn't that always happen. For me the house can be falling apart, but my scrap room is totally organized.

  2. I so understand! I love the new system you are setting up. I also love the newest cards you are working on ;0) Makes me want to make some.