Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sprint to the finish...

OK, for those of you who personally know me, I'm sure this title got your (I am anything BUT a way, not me!) Actually the finish line I'm referring to is a huge (well for the area I live in) craft fair that I am participating in this coming Saturday. I took a brief inventory of what I have made, and I need to make so much more...ACK! My posts will be very light this week, with my focus on Marathon crafting.

Next week, I will share with you what sold great, and what didn't. I am hopeful though, I was at a crop Friday night making more altered notebooks and I sold four of them right there. This was really impressive since there were only four people at the crop (My mother and I were two of them). And no, Mom didn't buy any, in case you were

Thank you all for your support and sweet, sweet comments. I really appreciate it.

I'll see you soon! Thanks for stopping by,

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